About Pitshanger Lane

In September 2011, our first shop opened in the picturesque setting of Pitshanger Lane, West London. Originally just a two-man show, we operated on the principle of good honest quality produce for a fair price. We owe our success to the continued support from the community and we are grateful for it. Nowadays you can regularly see wonderboy 'Razorsharp' Steve accompanied by old favorites John the 'Silver Fox' and Terry the 'Blade', with 'The Chief' and 'Chopper' Mart working between both shops.

Opening hours

Monday to Thurs 8am to 5.30pm
Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 5.30pm

133 Pitshanger Lane, London, W5 1RH
Telephone: 020 8997 6988

Paul 'The Chief'

Some call him the Quiet One, but don’t let that cool steely exterior fool you, as the Chief harbours an unrivalled enthusiasm and knowledge for the butchering trade. His hands-on, ‘do-it-yourself’ philosophy is a welcome breath of fresh air as he is always on hand to give advice or guide the team when necessary. It also means that not much comes through the shops without him casting his eye over it, ensuring our meat has met the high standards set and maintained since we opened. So if he seems a little sleepy to you, bear in mind he might have been up since 2.30am selecting the beef for the week!

'Razorsharp' Steve

Assistant manager at Pitshanger Lane, the ridiculously dedicated and motivated young Steven has already helped develop a range of new ideas and products to move on in his time here. His enthusiasm for the trade is second to none and he knows his way around a kitchen too. He also knows his way around a smoker, sausage machine, salami chamber and billtong box, and if there may be some other contraption to process meat, it's likely he'll invent it. 

Joel 'Lean'

One of our young rising stars, Joel didn't take long to get settled into the experimental mentality that we encourage here. He has already developed two products we now regularly sell (one of which is our amazing Rare Breed Treacle Bacon) and consistently has at least 3-4 new ideas you'll find him mulling over. He likes to cook too, which is nice because we get to try the results at work. If you want to know anything about the slow-cooking smokehouse barbeque world, he's your man.

'Silver Fox' John

John brings over 45 years experience to the shop and really was doing this before we were born. He's one of our go-to guys for recipes and cooking ideas, being an astute homechef himself, and if you have a minute or three he will regale you with tales of 24 hour long cookathons and fantastic slowcook methods. As reliable as a rock you'll be hard pushed to find a wiser man in the Hook and Cleaver clan.  


 ‘Grand Slam’ Sam

The newest addition to the team, Big Sam has quickly settled into the Hook and Cleaver lifestyle, namely meats, beats and banter. He has a history degree behind him, as well as a whole host of other jobs and hobbies ranging from life guard to quizmaster, and all by the tender age of 23. He has a genuine passion for meat and all things food, matched only by his passion for rugby, which he plays at every opportunity. He is a tad clumsy however, and hasn’t quite mastered the ‘look before turning’ manoeuvre just yet. So if he’s coming towards you, watch out, the same applies on the rugby field we imagine.

Terry 'The Blade'

Some say Terry has been around for decades and has been integral in developing butchering from its origins; Some say he was forged by ancient butchering druids, and must create a new identity to live by every 50-60 years. As mysterious as he is skilled with a knife, there isn't much that he can't do when it comes to preparing meat, and we're pretty sure he holds the record for consecutive ribs of beef rolled in one day, which was rumoured to be 165.  

'El Gringo' Ringo

Meet 'Grand Slam' Sam's mysterious twin brother. He left home when he hit 18 and ended up somewhere in Mexico, he still hasn't told us where. Rumours have included being a mule for a drug cartel near the U.S. border, or working undercover for the F.B.I, he won't say. When he does talk it is short and to the point, and with a sharp wit, matched only by the sharpness of his massive chopper. When he's not wielding his chopper (don't let him point it at you) he can be often seen staring into space, possibly reminiscing about his mysterious past.

‘Little’ Chris

Say hello to little Chris, our main man in the van. A former getaway driver by trade, he has now left that life behind him and prefers the slightly less hectic (and only slightly less dangerous) life with Hook and Cleaver. Don’t be alarmed though, despite his size and menacing demeanour, he’s actually a big cuddly teddy bear on the inside, so feel free to give him a hug if you see him out on a delivery run, not when he’s driving obviously.