About South Ealing Road

Seizing an opportunity arising from a retiring butcher, we decided to open our new and fledgling butchers shop in August 2013 in South Ealing Road, West London. We are looking forward to providing the area with our unique ‘old fashioned’ service, as well as maintaining the high standards we have set ourselves so far in our butchers shop on Pitshanger Lane. You can regularly see Pitshanger favourite Martin ‘Junior Sawblade’, Nathan 'the Muffin Man', along with father and son combination ‘Sing-Along’ John and ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’. ‘The Chief’ and ‘Chopper’ Mart will continue to work between both shops.

Opening hours

Monday to Thurs 8am to 5.30pm
Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 5.30pm

140 South Ealing Road, London W5 4QJ
Telephone: 0208 840 1931

'Chopper' Mart

Fresh out of Law school and after a quick stint at a London firm, Martin joined Paul to help him open Pitshanger Lane, whilst he considered his future. Turns out this was his future, and he is still with us today, managing whichever shop will take him on any particular week. Definitely the nagging housewife of the Paul & Martin team, when he’s not complaining about something, he’ll be clowning around, doing his hair or promoting his new rarest breed, and maybe wondering why he ever considered a career in law in the first place.

Junior 'Hacksaw'

With us since the start, Junior actually helped decorate Pitshanger Lane before she opened. We liked having him around and he had nothing better to do so we took him under our wing and the training began. And look how it turned out! He's now a key player in Hook&Cleaverland. Known for his ability to talk endlessly about anything you might want to talk about, whether he knows about it or not, he may be the funniest of the team.  

'Sing-a-long' John

The most experienced at South Ealing, John brings years of hard-earned wisdom perfectly matched with his wit and wry sense of humour. He’s a prime example that good things come in small packages, and his skill with the blade and display work shows this. He’s also a bit of a singer, the golden oldies being his preference, and if you’re lucky he’ll even dance for you too baby.  

'Jumpin' JacK Flash

The youngest of the Hook and Cleaver clan, Jack has quickly established himself as one of the most ridiculous too. A lightning-quick learner, he quickly completed his training and is now cool as a cucumber when preparing even the most challenging cuts. He has also invented at least 3 new English words and we are currently waiting to hear back from those guys at Oxford University for confirmation on their entry into the dictionary.   


 ‘Grand Slam’ Sam

The newest addition to the team, Big Sam has quickly settled into the Hook and Cleaver lifestyle, namely meats, beats and banter. He has a history degree behind him, as well as a whole host of other jobs and hobbies ranging from life guard to quizmaster, and all by the tender age of 23. He has a genuine passion for meat and all things food, matched only by his passion for rugby, which he plays at every opportunity. He is a tad clumsy however, and hasn’t quite mastered the ‘look before turning’ manoeuvre just yet. So if he’s coming towards you, watch out, the same applies on the rugby field we imagine.

'Muffin Man' Nathan

The latest addition to the Hook & Cleaver team, Nathan brings a wealth of experience for such a young(ish) age. His speed and attention to detail are up there with the best but more importantly he has the voice of an angel and his soothing tones can often help get us through dark mornings. He’s a bit of a D.J. too so when he’s not mixing it up at the shop he’s doing it at home.

'El Gringo' Ringo

Meet 'Grand Slam' Sam's mysterious twin brother. He left home when he hit 18 and ended up somewhere in Mexico, he still hasn't told us where. Rumours have included being a mule for a drug cartel near the U.S. border, or working undercover for the F.B.I, he wont say. When he does talk it is short and to the point, and with a sharp wit, matched only by the sharpness of his massive chopper. When he's not wielding his chopper (don't let him point it at you!) he can be often seen staring into space with a ghostly vacant expression, possibly reminiscing about that mysterious past.

‘Little’ Chris

Say hello to little Chris, our main man in the van. A former getaway driver by trade, he has now left that life behind him and prefers the slightly less hectic (and only slightly less dangerous) life with Hook and Cleaver. Don’t be alarmed though, despite his size and menacing demeanour, he’s actually a big cuddly teddy bear on the inside, so feel free to give him a hug if you see him out on a delivery run, not when he’s driving obviously.