Our Game

Autumn marks the start of the game season in the UK, which means that we stock a range of game sourced primarily from Brompton-on-Swale and the surrounding areas in Yorkshire. Some breeds such as farmed rabbits, guinea fowl and quail we have all year round, but the UK game birds are seasonal due to the permission of shooting seasons. 


We generally source the traditional venison cuts, wild rabbits, pheasants, red-leg partridge, mallard ducks and grouse, as well as quail, guinea fowl and farmed rabbits. We will also source English wood-pigeons, snipe and woodcock occasionally and to order when required.

If you haven't tried game or don't often cook with it we are more than happy to recommend a particular type of meat to suit your requirements, and we can offer recipe and cooking tips too. The game birds in particular provide a wonderfully rich flavour which can be complimented with a sweet or deep fruity sauce, jus or condiment, creating a satisfying hearty autumn meal.