Our Lamb

Our free-range lamb is sourced mainly from the grassy fields in the west of England, specifically Dorset and Cornwall, but also from the Scottish hillsides depending on the time of year. We deliberately choose lambs with a little more covering and age them, as we do beef, up to a week in order to enhance their flavour and tenderness. We also regularly stock Salt marsh lamb when in season and occasionally the rarer Jacob lamb when available. The former we source primarily from the Romney Marshes in Kent, with the latter coming from North Yorkshire. 

We tend to stick to buying whole lambs as we don't like to waste any and we can generally use it all through general sale in the shops. This means that if there is any cut you do need that you might not be able to see, we'll have it. 

Lamb has a delicate but rich flavour, and there are plenty of options when thinking about a meal, whether a regular Tuesday night dinner or a romantic special occasion. For traditional roasts, we offer legs and shoulders, both of which can be boned and rolled for ease of carving. We also offer the full range of chops, cutlets, shanks and stewing lamb, as well as products such as minted burgers, koftas and meatballs. For something a little more fancy, you might want to try a rack of lamb, either super-trimmed or french-trimmed, or a rolled saddle or noissette. These come from the loin and will be the softest and most delicate cut. As always, we are on hand to help with advice on cooking and preparing lamb, so don't be afraid to ask!