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We are purists and perfectionists when it comes to selecting the meat we sell in our shops. What meat we aren't able to hand pick ourselves, we have selected and sent to us by our trusted farmers. We insist on the highest, most humane and cruelty-free standards from our farmers and suppliers, not only because it is a matter of principle but because it produces a better end result. By then doing all of the preparation work ourselves, we can always ensure the highest standards and quality of the meat we sell.

We hang and dry-age our beef for at least 28 days, but usually more, and we always like to have one or two ribs or loins which we deem special to be aged that little bit longer. As well as our regular Aberdeen Angus beef, we are continually sourcing and experimenting with other traditional and native rare breeds. Some you will ave heard of, the Shorthorn, Longhorn, Hereford and Dexter. Others you may not have, we've recently offered, White Park, South Devon, Red Pole and Piedmontese. We'll always let you know what we have available, but feel free to ask or place an order if you fancy something specific.

When it comes to ageing, we like to experiment. There are so many factors which can affect the quality of the beef, lamb or pork including fridge temperature, humidity, position in the fridge, and even how it's hung. We age different cuts for different periods of time and in different environments. We have also recently  been experimenting with Himalayan rock salt as an accelerent in the dry ageing process. We're always happy to talk more about what we're working on so please do feel free to ask. 

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