Our Sausages

We make the sausages ourselves at Pitshanger Lane using meat from the shoulders and bellies of our free-range pigs. Depending on the type of sausage we add a variety of fresh ingredients, some rusk, a pinch of seasoning, a little water and then we fill into natural hog casing to be linked finally by hand. The sausages we have on offer easily suit any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner, and in–between too!

We also offer our select dry–cure free–range bacon, smoked or unsmoked, back and streaky. As well as this we stock White Pudding and our popular Stornaway Black Pudding, completing any breakfast or main meal starter.

Gluten Free – Another meaty sausage, a close relative of the Plain Pork but minced once with gluten free rusk 

Wild Boar & Apple – The strong flavour of wild boar complimented with fresh chunks of apple 

Venison & Red Wine – This lean and meaty sausage is comprised of venison with a splash of red wine gravy 

Lamb Merguez – This version of the merguez is not too spicy, but instead contains fennel, cumin and garlic creating a rich moroccan style flavour 

BBQ Monster – A seasonal favourite, a larger pork sausage with tomato, mustard and equal amounts cayenne pepper and sugar, creating that classic barbeque flavour

Our ever-expanding range is below, but we can make sausages to order depending on a recipe of your own. Give us a call or pop in to discuss. 

Plain Pork – The classic pork sausage, a gentle blend of spices and seasoning, either as regular or chipolatas, suitable for any meal 

Cumberland – The traditional recipe from Cumbria, predominantly white and black pepper with sage running through it 

Lincolnshire – Another breakfast favourite, similar to cumberland, with less pepper and a blend of sage and thyme prominent 

Old English – Minced coursely and only once, producing a meaty texture, with light seasoning and a touch of sage 

Pork & Pepper – Perfect for any pepper fan, with white and cracked black pepper throughout 

Leek & Mustard – A great combination here, freshly chopped leeks, with English mustard and a touch of rosemary rounding it off 

Ginger Old Spot – One of our most popular, pork from our Gloucester Old Spot breed, with ginger, spring onions and a hint of chilli 

Spicy Pork – The hottest of our range, with paprika, fresh chillies and cayenne pepper to finish it off 

Black Pudding & Apple – If you like black pudding this is for you, with crumbled Stornoway Pudding complimented with diced braeburn apples