Our Veal

We currently stock what we think is the finest quality milk–fed Dutch veal. Its subtle flavour and tenderness ensures that you will not be disappointed with any cuts you choose.  Our veal is provided by suppliers closely monitored by the Foundation for Quality Guarantee of the Veal Sector (SKV), ensuring the best conditions for animals at all stages of the slaughter process. If you prefer, we can also arrange to have English veal to order as an alternative, and we are currently looking for a consistent and high quality English farmer to supply us on a regular basis. 

 Milk-fed veal has a uniquely delicate and mild flavour but also an extremely tender composition, meaning it is a versatile meat to cook with. It is soft enough to pan fry most cuts and also sturdy enough to withstand a slower cook.

We regularly offer escalopes cut from the topside, as well as veal loin chops and calves liver. We occasionally have brisket, flat iron, and ribs too, which can be rolled or cooked on the bone. 

If you ever fancy it but are unsure, please ask and we'll be able to help with cooking and recipes.