Our Rare Breeds

We constantly strive to provide new and interesting breeds that you may not have tried before. These include Salt Marsh and Jacob lamb, Gloucester Old Spot, Black Pig and Tamworth Pork, and a range of Beef cuts including Longhorn, Shorthorn, Hereford, Dexter and Wagyu. Being able to source these rarer breeds from independent farmers is what helps stand us out from the crowd. We've included a little bit of information on this page about the breeds, but our availability really does change every week. The good news is we'll always have what's new on boards in the shop, and on the home page and what's happening page on this website.

We are immensely proud of our beef at Hook and Cleaver. There isn't a piece in the house that hasn't been handpicked, discussed, tagged, hung, rotated, hung some more, rotated again and then lovingly selected for show! This process takes at least a month which is why we are pleased when we hear the feedback that we do, a little recompense for the hard work and effort! With the rarer beef that we choose, there's a little extra excitement in the unknown, waiting to see how it will look, cook and eat, and how the different breeds compare to each other. On any given Saturday, we invite you to ask us about these different and interesting breeds, and take part in the experience! A little corny? Maybe yes, but 100% true.  

Regular superstars at Hook and Cleaver include Longhorn, Shorthorn, Dexter, Hereford, South Devon, Piedmontese, White park and Wagyu. It is definitely worth considering something like this for that special meal occasion so please feel free to enquire about what we have available at any given time.


As well as our regular favourite, Westcountry lamb, we often shout about our Salt Marsh lamb. They carry a subtle sweetness and succulence that comes from grazing and roaming freely on the Essex and Suffolk coastal marshes during the summer months. Their diet consists of grasses and samphire, both of which are free from any form of fertilizers and pesticides. We have also recently stocked Jacob Lamb, which were imported from Spain in the 17th Century and acquired their name because they were believed to be descendants of the flock established by Jacob in the book of Genesis. Jacob meat tastes delicious, is low in total fat, low in cholesterol and high in quality protein compared to other red meats.

In addition to the fantastic free–range Plantation pork range, we also regularly stock Gloucester Old Spot and Black Pig breeds. The high degree of marbling and fat found in the Black pork adds an extraordinary depth of flavour and succulence, whilst the laid back, hardy Gloucester Old Spot breed, free from growth promoters and routine antibiotics are considered by many to provide the best tasting pork in the UK, definitely worth a try! Also keep a lookout for Iberico, Tamworth and Mangalitsa too, each one special in their own way.